Small Plates

Quick bites before the main meal or a snack if you are peckish.

Bok Choy

lardo and cherry vinegar

House Green Seaweed Salad

sesame, wakama

Pork Belly Buns

apple vinegar maple glazed pork buns (braised trumpet royal  mushrooms for vegetarian)


Uni Bites

egg custard, uni, savy b-glaze raw scallop

Vegetable Noodles

These are noodles of a different kind. All gluten free and vegetable based.


roasted root vegetable sauce, herb oil, smoked dulse, the garden

Red Cabbage

mushroom and beet “Bolo” with, black pepper mushroom jus, parm

Celery Root Noodles

clams, spicy pork sausage, XO sauce, turnips, basil oil

Basics Noodle

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Red Cabbage

soba noodle, lemon thyme chicken consommé, roasted half chicken

Starch Noodles

From classic yellow noodles to udon and more. We even have a rice noodle.

John John Noodles (inspired by Dan Dan Noodles)

Wild mushrooms, onions, carrots, almonds,  smoked soy sauce, pepper oil, mustard greens, and citrus.

Chilled Spicy Noodles (can be Veg.)

Udon noodles, mint chili pesto, candied walnuts, pickled carrot, grilled chicken.

Black garlic Ramen

nori ramen noodles, pork shoulder, roasted umami broth,  black garlic, pickled cabbage, ginger, poached egg

Roman Noodles (Veg.)

Farro noodles, szechuan pepper, hard cheese, scallions

Chef’s Noodle

ask for details

Share Plates

Larger plates that are great for sharing.

Peking Roasted Chicken

Bao, hoisin, ginger, roasted vegetables

Roasted fish plate of the day

Rotating local fish , paired with house made kimichi , crispy leeks, and ginger soubise.


rotating flavor

Soft serve ice cream


Never had noodles like this before. I couldn't believe vegetarian food could taste this good. I can't wait until they open!

Nicole J.