An American noodle bar with world influence

We are a casual restaurant that is serving to the new young professional in the up and coming East Boston area. We specialize in asian inspired dishes with and american base sourcing and sole. Asian noodles will be the main staples of the menu, these include vegetables noodles, flour and rice noodles.

Zero waste cooking and reuse of ingredients, create better systems through the food chain

We have a goal to be at the for front of sustainability in restaurants. this starts with our sourcing and our process of getting food into the restaurant, then how we handle store and think about food and its usability.

A Note From Chef

“One of the main focuses is going to be on zero-waste. I’ve always been very big about waste in restaurants. Fine dining is so wasteful because it’s all about presentation, always about making things look perfect. Why can’t you not only have something be perfect, but utilize the waste for that in making something else?”